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Monday, April 16, 2007


I was just searching the Internet when a memory just flashed in my thoughts. Growing up in California, when we were about 19-21 we would go to the Colorado River. I think most people did...that and Palm Springs!!! but the memory of the River is sooo meaningful. I was always there with my BESTS friends and we just had some carefree times. I don't know HOW my parents used to know about all these times and NEVER WORRIED!! or maybe they never showed. We used to stay at the Riverside Hotel (on the river) and drink, drink , AND DRINK!! ( our favorite hangout was the bar inside the hotel called "Loser's lounge" what does THAT TELL YA?) then go on huge inter tubes & FLOAT down the river....man...then when we were old enough gamble, drink, gamble, drink. We didn't do Vegas much. This had a river and we just didn't want to ONLY drink & gamble, we wanted to float down the river dodging speed boats, jet ski's...the real dangerous stuff.
Then the 'BIG PARTY' is when the company I used to work for , we would all chip in & rent a BUS, what a party just GETTING THERE WAS!!! I was wild, not "girls gone wild" WILD ( I didn't have the , lets say upper portion to flash....which now I'm glad I didn't , my insecurities tamed me a bit) but I survived and so did all my friends, which who I don't see anymore ( kinda hard seeing we are 2,000 miles apart) but it's warming to my heart to know that we all share those SAME FOND MEMORIES TOGETHER.


At 6:49 PM, Blogger kathy said...

That sounds like some wild times.
It's amazing what we survive, thank God for memories.

And our kids wonder why WE worry so much now!


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