Hawaiian Girl

Monday, August 30, 2010

Water days...

Dukefest 2010 was AMAZING!!! A new event was put on by C4 and it was sooo much fun!! It was a short sprint course around buoys and a small run up the beach to complete the race. I have watched events at Dukefest for years and this was BY FAR THEE BEST!!! the race was exciting, not because of Alika being in it as well as all our friends, but it simply was a great spectators event. The beach was screaming with excitement at each finishing!!! (even if nobody you knew was in that heat!!!)
Tiki , being hard headed WANTED TO TRY!!! told her many times its harder than it looks. after one buoy, she understood!!!

All smiles BEFORE the race.....not soo much after!!! only being 6, shes got more determination than most adults (me included!!)

Picture with Candice Appleby, top water woman in many events!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Crazy days continue...Had a lovely birthday weekend...hubby got my fave hotel. it was up high and we got to be a part of the VIP room. free breakfast/appetizers/AND DRINKS!!! My girl is getting so big and we can hang out and have special times together. Alika paddled his heart out and did really well!!!

Our room was "city view". I was disappointed until I ACTUALLY SAW THE ROOM....not much city here!!!
Thank you dear hubby and I miss my blog!!!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Tsunami Entertainment....

Sat Morning, woke to a phone call @ 3:30AM. There was a huge earthquake in Chile and a Tsunami could possibly be on its way. We live in Hawaii....this occurs ALOT. most of us, don't BLINK when we hear it..THIS WAS DIFFERENT. Our Sirens, that are meant for terrorist warnings, Tsunami warnings....WARNING..went OFF. I have been here 16 years, and the ONLY TIME, these sirens go off is every 1st of the month. (for testing purposes). so there is no panic, no scary feeling...UNTIL NOW. This time, not only did we BLINK when they told us to get to high grounds...we listened!!

There is not much to do during the "waiting" of a Tsunami...most congregate and have a party ( no MATTER WHAT TIME IT IS...ITS A REASON TO PARTY)!! We went to a park , played soccer, volleyball, had races against each other....colored, I spy..boredom set it after a while. So Tiki entertained us. I have another video I will post next couple days....my silly family!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

" I WILL NOT......" List

My daughter is 6....she had her first "I WILL NOT..." list.....ahhhh my nerves..

My girl has independence to a nuisance!!!! I admire it, glad she has it...but at times its a battle of TOO MUCH!!!

I love her unconditionally....beyond what I thought the human heart is capable of...but boy..TODAY I WAS TESTED BEYOND !! I know every parent (maybe for different reasons) feels like i did today, and if they DON'T...THEY ARE PROBABLY LYING (haha)....

It took every fiber of my mind to think of HOW TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE.. I GUESS THE STORK FORGOT MY PARENT MANUEL....so I am on my own with this.

I have TRULY tried various solutions...looked it up on the computer, books..

Of course a glass of red wine, some Gouda cheese is on my list of "How to handle..." EVERY SITUATION (hee hee) but as of now...no wine OR cheese in the house...so shes tries this for the first time and my wine is replaced to WHINE ON MY BLOG!!! Thanks for listening and by tomorrow I will gaze into her eyes as she says "I love you Mom" and this too shall pass.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I had to take her picture this way...because if she smiles...you cant tell she just lost TWO teeth!! Well....she didn't actually lose two teeth...they were PULLED! Her two new ones were coming in already IN FRONT of her others. took her to the dentist and said they should pull them. I said if she shes a needle IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!! Dentist is a girl and she is gooooood!!!! Tiki had NO CLUE what was going on until it was over...then dentist told her she wiggled them & came out....and her face seeing the $$$ from toothfairy PRICELESS!!!!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Santa Baby...we might need a DOG!!

Had a photo shoot today. Found out not only is she with a BEAUTIFUL young girl from Hilo, who now lives in Japan & models strictly there...she got to have a DOG with her. OH LORD...if you know my daughter, this was horror for me. ALL SHE WANTED TO DO IS PET, & PLAY with the DOG!!! Poor girl neeeeeds a dog...hmmm I would love Santa to give her one, but we aren't allowed where we live....sooo deprived.

After numerous pictures.....She does the "PEACE" sign...cracking up the photographer & other girl....( In Hawaii, when you live here, and are down at the beach as much as we are and see Japanese tourist...they ALWAYS give the peace sign!!! Like Hawaiians always give the "Shaka". That's why they laughed soo hard!!

In between camera shots & reloading the camera, someone would give them shade..Tiki didn't understand it, she kept saying , I can hold it for you, you don't have to do it for us!!!

Sassy look.
This pink truck was seen driving around the Island, they rented it for the photo shoot, and when it pulled up three 20 yrs old got and and yelled "TIKI"! the Japanese crew says you know each other??!!!
were all beach people...its an Island.

Getting her hair done ( Where is my Cousin Kathy when we NEED HER!)
Giving the dog water....

And finally, little girl coming out of her beach house with the (DAMN) DOG!!
Just joking, the dog was cute, lovely, I just want to strangle my kid when she gets around one, cuz she wants to pick them up CONSTANTLY. Poor dog was happy to see us goooo.!!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

new traditions

My wreath is fresh, and smells sooo good, that I haven't been in a mad rush to get my tree! In my house , that is unusual....the tree is up as soon as possible!! But by Christmas, it smells burnt and has lost that "lovin" smell.
At our local store, they were selling wreaths. My husband says...You want one?! hmmm....we NEVER HAD ONE..SURE. But Im going to be selfish here..is it appropriate to put it on the INSIDE OF THE DOOR??!! Why should I buy a REAL (nice smelling) wreath only to be put outside that maaayybe people can seeeee, but cannot smell!!!! WHAT A WASTE!!!
So, do your family a favor....go AGAINST the grain, and put your wreath on the inside !!! Every time you leave & come home....you'll be glad you did!!!!