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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A BIG FAN......

OH BOY!!!! The countdown begins. I'm on my way to drop my girl off to preschool, when we drive by the movie theatre. She begin to scream like a teenager watching Sanjahya!!! (I'd say the Beetle's but there is probably too many young people who don't "get it")
I almost ran into a SUV, it scared me so much. I look in my rear view mirror and she's stretching her neck to look behind her as though she is "looking for someone".
Me: "Tiki, what's going on?"
Tiki: "Mom!! Shrek is coming, remember??!!!" she starts clapping.
My favorite part about being a Mom.
Me: "3 more days...." (actually opens in 2, but we'll see it Sat.)
Tiki: "were gonna have a Shrek Party, yeah MOM??!!"
Me: "Yep!!" the screaming continues. finally she stops as if she just finished the marathon...gasping for air, over exaggerating the whole scenario... and says "Mom?"
" I LOOOOVE SHREK !" sooo cute. I start razzing her "Tiki's loves Shrek, Tiki loooves Shrek.....Tiki's gonna marry Shrek....."
At first giggling until I said she was going to "MARRY" him. The serious face came on.
Tiki: " NO!!!! I'm not going to Marry Shrek.....I'M GONNA MARRY DADDY!!"
Called Alika , to tell him....I just made his morning.


At 7:12 PM, Blogger kathy said...

That is so funny! I think I would have had the same reaction as you. We love shrek too. Some of those kid movies I can barely sit through but those I can watch more than once.

I love the part about Alika, that would make my day too!


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