Hawaiian Girl

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Today is China's ( guy in white tank top ) big surf contest. all weekend. This weekend is the "GIRLS". In July its the boys. China has been doing this for many years...every year donates all the money to Children's causes ( sexual abuse, dying kids , etc ) He also gives the best prizes to the LOSERS...so you win either way...you either get the "Goods" or you get the notoriety of coming in 1st place. He also gives a child who gets the BEST report card a FREE SURFBOARD (of your choice) these boards are all at least $900.00. He feels very strong about education! so back for more excitement this weekend. My husband left the house ( @5am) to go set up our tent ( our beachfront property). So , Aloha for now and I show the pictures later!!