Hawaiian Girl

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I know I've posted many pictures of them surfing...she is just getting soo good at it, and just LOVES this time with Alika. She usually does 2 waves & says " Thanks Dad, I'm going to swim now", but this past weekend....she didn't want to get OFF the board. He looked at a used surfboard after this for her....it's small & pink!! She was all smiles.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Living in Hawaii has great things and not so great things...all depends what type of person you are!! I enjoy the fact that we have sunshine ALOT...but when the time of the year is Fall, it's barely reconizable. That, I'm not too fond of. I LOVE the change in season, the colors of season, but here in Hawaii, the air is the only change....10 to 20 degrees cooler. I can FINALLY wear a pair of JEANS, a sweatshirt if I'm lucky!! I'm originally from California, and it was very cold there ( comparably to Hawaii ) ( I know all you people from back east REALLY know what cold is!!). But man, I want to put on a turtle neck, some REAL boots, scarf.....I want to sit by a fireplace!!! I love fireplaces!! This season is MEANT TO BE COOL, not 78 degrees as a trade off for 96 degrees. Oh well, there are worst things in life....I just envy people who get to REALLY enjoy fall!!! Take it all in for me! Aloha.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

CAN'T MISS.......



Okay, I admit it!!! I'm a mother of a ( almost ) 3 year old, and I'm JUST NOW completed a CPR course today. By the grace of GOD, I haven't needed it on my own child....but I feel like it's REALLY important, and what took me sooo long??!!!! As I took this course, I began the course feeling like a hero already! I could NOW save my baby...someone else's baby...AN ADULT!! WOW!!! I could be very VALUABLE to a stranger in need.....this is too cool. My Instructor was Hawaiian, and ALL OF IT!! He was a bigger man, and as most Hawaiian men are, FUNNY AS HELL!! He was making light of situations...to the point of it was though he was a comedian and I was his audience!! nobody ( well , one guy-he too was hawaiian) was seeing his humor. I looked around the room and everyone else was very "Mainlander". They seemed agitated at his having a little fun. I felt the need to stop laughing when he told stories...I think he enjoyed someone "getting" his humor, and as long as I was his audience, he was going to keep going. WHAT PRESSURE ON ME!!! come on people....they were ALL SO SERIOUS!!
Time continues on.....now anyone that KNOWS ME....knows I have a little secret....I AM A HYPOCONDRAITE!!!!! Not too much anymore, but It does creep up now & then. So we get into "Heart Attacks" & the symtoms....now ALL OF A SUDDEN, I CANT BREATHE!!!! MY PALMS ARE SWEATY, yeah, I feel pressure in my chest ( basically what ever he is saying...I START FEELING IT)!!!! Oh get a grip girl!!!! I can be sooo pathetic that way.... he says " Now, STROKE symtoms" I think "Dear God, I just had a heart attack, I don't think I can bear to have a STROKE RIGHT NOW!!!!" I slowly get a GRIP ( after much praying ) then we take the quiz....I got a A- thank you, thank you.....I get in my car and think "WHO IS GOING TO SAVE ME??" I come home and my husband says " how did it go?" I flashed him my certificates and said " It took a heart attack & a stroke, but I SURVIVED!!" . In ALL SERIOUSNESS, I really can save your life after that class...that's all that matters.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sneak Preview

I know, I know, halloween isn't for another month, but I couldn't resist!! My baby will be an indian or Pocahontas..whatever you want to call it. She was sooo excited about wearing it, she didn't want to take it off! When she saw it on the mannequin she jumped up & down and said "MOM!! I want to be Aloha!" I said "honey thats not hawaiian , its Indian!!" and she looked at me with a crinkled nose and said "Indian??"
" Yep, you don't say "Aloooha", you go "woo, woo," patting my mouth
"your crazy mom!" ( Uh, I guess I better stop telling HER that!)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

MY DAD!!!!!

Here he is......it's hard to imagine he's been gone for 14 years!!! I truly looked up to him in every respect!! He was Happy, Fun, and a Taurus...stubborn as hell!!! Him & I just had this relationship that I feel soooo blessed by. I can't imagine anyone hating their father ( or MOTHER). His name: Dean. Yep, PROUD TO SAY I WAS NAMED AFTER HIM!! He was quite a character, a practical joker. I have only this picture of him & one of him & Mom ( who is also gone ..13 yrs). Sad, you build a LIFE with people, then they die and almost thike they never exsisted, possesions are GONE! That's what memories are for. He worked in the T.V./Film industry and my FAVE thing to do was go to work with my Dad!! this is where all his jokes would come out. One day filming at a hospital, he said " I gotta go bathroom" " Me too" I said. We didn't use the trailor bathrooms that piticular time ( not sure why ), went in the hospital. Our door were next to each other. He said " If you get out before me, wait right here". We to the restroom, and as I was washing my hands, in my mind I was PLOTTING something to do to him. This elderly lady ( 80's) had a cane, finished washing her hands & slowly walked outside. the door opened and I heard my Dad yell " BOOOOOO!!!" I spun around, she was clutching her purse, YELLING " HELP, HE'S TRYING TO GET MY PURSE!!"
OVER & OVER!! My poor Dad was mortified!!! He was trying to explain to her that he thought it was his daughter coming out.. the more he tried to explain, she was FREAKIN OUT! I felt bad for the old lady and came to Dad's rescue. She finally calmed down, but was very upset. I turned to my Dad ( so she could hear me ) and said " HOW DID YOU GET OUT OF LOCKDOWN, the nurses must be searching all over for you". Yes! I am truly blessed.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"The MIND is the FIRST TO GO...".

My Dear Nana used to have such wonderful, funny sayings...and "The mind is the first to go" was one of my favorites! It's clearly happening to me, which frightens me....I was to have a dinner date with my friend Tami..been planned for DAYS!! She calls last night, were giggling on the phone like two teenagers-a girls night OUT!!
This morning my husband gets up @ 4am & gives me a kiss before he heads off to get ready for the morning. This morning I was QUITE ANNOYED by it, but I didn't want him to feel bad. It did after all, take no longer than 3 seconds! The door shuts, I roll over......BAM!!! My eyes FLY OPEN...."what is TODAY???!!!, WHAT IS THE DATE TODAY??", I jump out of bed to the livingroom. He's not there, front door wide open ( oh hello ). He is taking out the trash. I run to a calender SEPT. 13th. OMG!!!! It's my HUSBANDS BIRTHDAY!!!! What the hell is wrong with me lately??? :(
My thought deverts to me & Tami's conversation last night & how she is soooo looking forward to dinner....Oh I screwed up here BIG TIME!!! If my husband had made plans with his buddy on MY B-day....lets just say another WAR would of started!!
I quickly think, think....I hear him coming. I shut the door ( as though he's locked out ) and WATCH HIS REACTION IN THE PEEPHOLE!!! ( LOL ) I belong in a institute!!! My Dad was always playing practical jokes on me, and I LOVE IT, I love doing it to people....they don't like it soo much! Anyway, I see him coming, I'm trying sooo hard not to let him hear me laugh my ass off...he reaches for the door ( I thought I'd get a reaction when he saw the door was CLOSED) he turns the knob....LOCKED. right away he bows his head ON the peephole and gasps " ohhhh noooo" I open the door & say " Surprise!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY". He was sooo relieved he didn't have to wake me up to open the door!( he's done it once, and that was enough).
Now, I look like the hero that never forgot my honeys b-day. but I'm too honest, I tell him the truth and how I REALLY want to take him to dinner. I call my friend, she laughs at me and says " I'll watch Tiki, you guys go out!" She means everybit of it, of course I feel like crap....but she is SUCH A ANGEL , I know she would enjoy being with Tiki just as much as having our night out..

So , my forgiving ( thank God ) husband, Happy Birthday!!
to Tami, we WILL take a raincheck!! Thank you for being you!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

100th POST !!!!!

Today is my 100th post. ( Try & say THAT 10 times real fast ). I can't believe I have posted that many pictures or that I actually had that many things to share. Anyway....Today Hawaii was listed as one of the States that has the longest life span!!! I feel honored, thankful, hopeful,
that I too will land on that statistic.

Tiki was back to school today...She already was absent yesterday due to the fact she caught a nasty cold. The fact that yesterday was Sept. 11th and she was home with me comforted ME that she wasn't feeling her best. ( How MEAN AM I???).

Had to pick her up @ 2:30, and by 12:00, thought I'd do some "looking" shopping. I really feel lost without her. I'm sure I can't wait to get used to this as MUCH as she does! As I'm shopping around I "watched" people.....Their faces...The way they'd pick up an item & either stare at it or bite their lip.. hmmm & hawwwing....I suddendly got a rush of the "GIGGLES". one lady holding up some VERY lacey, sexy panties...stretching them ( wider ) and all of a sudden I'm in HER MIND and I found this very funny. Have you ever had those " giggles"??? Ya know the ones where they are MOST INAPPROPRIATE!!!!! aaahhhh...then you laugh MORE, cuz you think " if they only knew that I was watching their move". okay, now it's like I'm on mushrooms ( never DID mushrooms, but EVERYBODY KNOWS THEY MAKE YOU LAUGH UNCONTROLLABLY )!! My Dear Sister is the QUEEN at starting to get the "giggles" when you SHOULDN'T. Church, funerals, a serious speech, you name it!!! I hate to admit it, but we have had some best times LAUGHING during such situations.
well, I wish my sister was with me today....but I seemed to do well all by myself! Now remember, I said I wasn't going to judge....I'm not doin well let me tell you. It IS harder than I thought!! Today proved it!!
FINALLY time to get Tiki. I walk in, she looks at me & instantly got a MAJOR BOO BOO LIP, and RAN to me as though I left her all alone in the park. THAT BROKE ME!! I wanted to say, were NOT COMING BACK!! ( I'm a reactor ) the teacher is trying to tell me about her day, with such seriousness , I'm staring at her listening to her and in ALL HER SERIOUSNESS....I bust out with a "giggle". She looks at me like " WHAT THA??" I quickly change the subject...."see you tomorrow!". oh boy.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


" Hi, my name is Dina....I'm a BLOG-O-HOLIC!"
" Hi Dina!!!

Okay it sounds silly, but it's TRUE! I LOOOVE to Blog, Read Blogs, find new blogs, and of course come back to my "daily blogs". A Day ( on a rare exception ) does NOT go by that I don't check a blog!! I have my " regulars", and if I have time I sift through to see what life is doing elsewhere. I have notice one thing in most bloggers.....were all "missing" something, and worse part is...we ALL CANT PINPOINT IT!!! I find myself laughing at peoples misery, hardships, anything of the "wounded". I'm not laughing AT THEM, I laughing because I too have sooo much to share in their misery.....I can't believe that soooo many people share the same angst, yet we are all so lonely because nobody really wants to share downfalls...only GREAT THINGS..until the " BLOG" was invented. I REALLY feel sorry for celebrity's....they have to smile, while there man just shacked up with a new beauty ( only to have a baby 9 months later), you cant have a DUI without the "whole world" acting as though they have NEVER DONE WRONG, and they can't even get a starbucks without 90 papparazzi's capturing the moment their hair is unwashed, clothes don't match.....
I think I will try " not to JUDGE" anybody or any situation for one whole week....sounds funny to think I have to make this "pack" like a diet or something...it just became a spuratic thought...I bet it's harder than anyone thinks....join me....try it...let me know, if you sailed through it or "fought" it!!!!

Besides one of my favorite things to do is people watch, and with that comes ALOT OF JUDGING!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006


Well, the day has arrived. Let me just begin by saying God works in mysterious ways!!! we do are normal routine but this time giving a "heads up". I tell her I got to go to work today ( a lie, but some are ok..) I explain the whole I'll be back speech. Shes being HER. very cool , confident, then we get out of the car...she says while putting on her backpack--"Mom, don't hold my HAND". MY JAW DROPPED!!! I " Pretend" I'm not shocked ( as a fellow blogger forwarned me....thank you) We go in the class room, she runs outside to play. she DITCHED ME FASTER than I was hoping for. I didn't know if I should say goodbye, I'm going now, or just leave. I thought that would look mean, so I said "I'm going, but I'll be back, give me a kiss!" She did, and then kinda looked at me like hmmmm whats going on here. I got scared I just made it worse. Quickly said go play, she did. go to my car feeling "alright". Turned the key....DEAD. OH MY GOSH....I FINALLY HAVE A FREE DAY...AND MY CAR IS DEAD!!!! Here we go...call the hubby, hes very busy ( but working close by ) and I have to wait ( could be hour, longer...) he wasn't sure. He's a Electrician, and in the middle of heavy work load. Don't have tow service, no money on me ( I was just dropping off my child) NOW I BEGIN TO CRY.....
At least 40 " guys" walk by me without FLINCHING...my hood is up and clearly need help.. they kinda smirk and keep going. I think to myself....if I was a guy I would ask at least if there is something i could do....now I'm pissed off at "MEN" then it turns into well if I had big boobs, a short dress...NOT ONE OF THESE GUYS WOULD JUST WALK BY ME!!!! aaarrrrgg, my mind drifts into BODY IMAGE.,...I'm sobbing more.
This really nice guys walks by , after I've wiped my tears, and says YA NEED HELP???!!! I wanted to cry again ( cuz he was sooo nice). Holding it together, I say PLEASE!!! bang, bang, try it now...vaarroooooom!!! ah YES!!! then he even proceeds to tell me what to do next...take to Sears, have them look at this, this, & that! sooo sweet.
I off in a cloud of carbon!!!! I think on the way home, that in EVERY bad comes a good.....I believe God allowed me a "distraction" so I can be at Peace with Tiki being at school!!!! I was dealing with soo much this morning, I didn't have that time to worry about her...uh, but I do now....I better go wash the car, and hope it starts in time to pick her up!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Well Here IT IS....FIRST Day of School !!!!!

Got her backpack and feeling very grown up right now. After this picture she says...."Mom, can we go to school now?? please,please,please??!!" I laughed and thought how "cute" they ALL START OFF...then their begging..."I DONT WANT TO GO TO SCHHHHHOOOOOOLLL"
Played in the car the WHOLE playtime....uh, better work on that "sharing" thing....
Just another school shot.
Yesterday went to Walmart, and Tiki & I ended up in the isles with swimming noodles having a "sword" fight...( I KNOW, I refuse to grow up!!), then we got one of those BIG bouncy balls & played catch ( everytime she tried to catch it , it almost knocked her over...). As we play there, I realize we've been doing this for years....cruising at walmart ( to pass time away, or if it was rainy day) and "playing" with ALL THE TOYS. That today she will grow up and want to play with kids instead of me....I guess its time for ME TO GROW UP.....but I don't waaaaaannntt toooo!!!! I miss her already..:(

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kona Girl

I guess she just felt like doing the HULA....

Monday, September 04, 2006

Our Weekend on the BIG ISLAND!!!!!

Teams set off to race 18 Miles!!!! This Island is sooo Beautiful...Full of Black sand beaches....Lava Rocks....little town... At the Airport ...
On the way to Alika's parents house.
Sunset from in-laws....good to be here!!!!

Candid Photos....

my souvenir hat was quickly taken away from me....I no longer posess anything by MYSELF ANYMORE.....ah a small price to pay for my baby!
Waiting for the Torch Lighting Ceremony.
Posing in front of our hotel.
My Foxy man....


Just before his race....he kisses her for luck!!
He Crosses the finish line!!!! ( red & white boat....the last guy in the back..no hat on)
Miss Thang, checkin out the whole process...
Team lifts the Koa ( wood ) Canoe....its VERY HEAVY...they pick it up like its Nothing!!

Torch Lighting Ceromony

After all the paddlers cross the victory line, they celebrate by joining in on the Annual Torch Lighting ceromony. Its almost very scary....the truck in front has drummers ( Tahitian ) & Dancers following to open the ceremony....but when you hear those drums & see HUNDREDS of torches from afar, its very primitave or primal.....very cool experience.
Drummers & Dancers..
Tiki is in AWE!!!!


Papa, Tiki & Grandma...... Holding Papa's hand...Alika's parents live in on the Big Island....we get to see the in-laws!
Tiki workin her papa.....

a rare photo of me & Tiki...I'm the one usually taking them..
Taking a break from jumpin on the bed!!
Alika is paddling 18 Miles...Tiki & I patiently wait and share a shave ice..Rainbow of course!!
A Beautiful Tihati flower...they smell soo nice.

Friends along the way....

Met alittle boy & girl to hang with @ the pier.....

off the plane & saw a girl , and took her hand as if to show her " her" Island...
this is one of her BEST friends!!!! DADDY....

Our Hotel....

Across the street from the beach...this small hotel reminded me sooo much of ALL the little MOTELS I used to stay at as a kid, when my Dad was filming on Location.
You can see the beach from our porch. Kailua-Kona Pier right there.
Wasn't long before all the kids jumped in!!

COUSINS GO HOME.....Dinner together.

Marissa , Shane, Tiki, Sione, Hakau, & Bryce...Family Dinner @ Tiki's Bar & Grill before they go home to Cali. Marissa & Shane ALREADY making plans on going to College here... They DID NOT WANT TO GO HOME!!! WE MISS U GUYS...what doing??!!! " You Got the best of my LOVE, whoa, whoa..." ( Tiki's favorite song, made them listen to it EVERYTIME we all got in the car )