Hawaiian Girl

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

kids day!!

This weekend is a contest that is put on every year for KIDS ONLY...ranging 5-14. It is a truly fun event, and besides all the surfing going on they have games giving away prices, and just sooo fun . (Last year she won the Wii...playing a balloon game) all the parents enjoy hanging out & the kids of course get to get a little competitive , but have FUN with it.....I hope all our gang does well, but most of all....that all the kids are SAFE!!!! will post pictures next week of the event.
This picture is my friends son Finn....he's 11 and as you can tell....he RIPS!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


She finally did something OTHER than go to the BEACH!!! they had a kiddie rodeo....it was small, but she had gigantic FUN!!! Weather was hot & muggy, as I looked at my husband and said "no wonder were always at the beach & in the water".

wasn't long before she was petting the horse, then waving as though she was in a parade...she was only mimicking when she HAS SEEN HORSES...in parades through town with beautiful Hawaiian ladies dressed so nicely as they wave...
after face painting, visiting the petting zoo!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Kid Humor

Tiki : "Mom, today I married Calvin".

Me:(engrossed in "Dateline") "Oh yeah..."

I look at her face...she is HOLDING BACK LAUGHTER...

Me:"What do you MEAN, you Married Calvin?!

Knowing the answer to my question..

Tiki: "We got married....(giggling uncontrollably)...and we kissed!"

I looked at her trying not to over-react....

Tiki: (serious now) "Mom! He has a "Wall-E BACKPACK!!!" as though that makes it all okay...I tried not to bust up laughing after that remark.

It sounds like me & my friends in our 20's describing our New loves...."But he has a TRUCK!!"

Monday, May 04, 2009


My Baaaaaby Hakau..(Teri's middle boy). Here he is at prom. The pretty girl is a long time friend of his, she is beautiful. I don't have a "prom picture" YET...but hopefully he doesn't forget about me!! It just seems like yesterday he was 2 years old and following me everywhere. I used to pretend he was my SON!!! I took him to the store, beach, and people would say "Oh he's soo adorable!...is that your boy?" and proudly I would say "he SURE IS!"

I still try to get away with it...now he looks @ me and laughs like I'm the Auntie who "lost it"!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Derby pick

My Daddy ALWAYS took me to the track....I love EVERYTHING about horse racing!!! I think of my Daddy during the Kentucky Derby, since he was from Kentucky & looooved his horse racing. Today, as always, I will choose my pick for the Derby. Now, I said I love going to the horse races...I didn't say I'm good at PICKING THEM!!!
My 1st instinct was to go with...."HOLD ME BACK". I am familiar with Kent Desormeaux. we used to watch him race @ Santa Anita track. so it holds close to my heart.
Alika's choice: "General Quarters"
In memory of my Dad...I will choose "Dunkirk"...not as though that would be HIS choice, but he did teach me "if there is a GREY horse...always bet on it!" as though it was good luck or a magic tip. I was looking through the horse's and saw this grey one and ....I just HAD TO!!!
Tiki's choice: Non other than...."Chocolate Candy"!! surprising huh?! Actually looks like a good horse. Good luck to all playing the Derby!!!!

Todays Horoscope

Your horoscope for May 2, 2009
This could prove to be a very gratifying day. Recent successes, which you may have had with regard to business, might just now be making a positive difference in your financial situation. This is apt to boost your mood quite a bit and you're likely to be feeling especially optimistic and enthusiastic about your future. You could lapse into some very pleasant daydreams about the possibilities, but don't get carried away! Try to remain practical!
I'm a Leo...we have dreams!!! I can sure paint a pretty picture even though my "reality" in no where near my picture. I do not take these things (horoscopes) tooo seriously....UNLESS OF COURSE they look like today's for me..then I BELIEVE!!!! what a dork huh?!!!