Hawaiian Girl

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That kind of dayyyyyy

Currently working in a position that leaves the teacher like this....or one of her Aids. I'm working with behavioral students, which when meeting them they seem like normal frustrated kids...rolling of the eyes, sassy talk back...UNTIL the REAL BAD comes out in them. Some need medication, yet are soo angry they throw the pills across the room ...( can't force them). THEN YOU KNOW WHERE & HOW YOUR DAY IS HEADING...It has actually been a blessing working with these children. They have taught me alot. I can come home with a grin from ear to ear from having such a awesome day with them, and the next ....they are mean, throwing things, temper mental...Although I have to "go through " that for the hours I'm working...its NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT THEY LIVE THROUGH DAY TO DAY...Yes, they have taught me wayyyy more than Im teaching them!! That's where FAITH comes in...in my quiet breath, I pray for these kids...pray for their families...go home & huuuuug my baby girl !!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Why can't I be like her?????

Went off Island to ANOTHER island....to visit Papa & Grandma, uncles. Had a wonderful time, weather beautiful...I took a video of Tiki because I can't get over how much of a water girl she is.. she dives in without hesitation..big dark boulders underneath her..( she can see them). All i heard was the "JAWS" theme the further she swam out!!!! I WOULD NEVER, DO THIS AT 5yr old. I was very hot filming this...you think I would jump in at 40-something (haha)!!! NO WAYS...YOU GO GIRL!!!