Hawaiian Girl

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Another school year quickly passes.....more experience under my belt....much more patience needed....Summer is sure to be exciting! Visit the mainland ....travel.....

Chicken or the Clown ????

This is what the beach will look like next sat. Me and a couple of girls who are "new" to Stand up surfing were all excited to be in our FIRST contest. I put my entry in...they didn't.

We were all supposed to be BAD TOGETHER!!! NOW.... I will be against thee top competitors. I have two choices...#1 Put a big red nose on and be the "entertainment" portion of this high profile contest...


Cluck, cluck, bawk bawk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Click on to enlarge. Tiki & her friend wanted a ride aboard the "Big Kahuna". standing up on one of these is HARD .....surfing on one of these is HARDER....standing & surfing with TWO MONKEYS IS IMPOSSIBLE...!!!!
This is actually underwater!!! the water was very dirty this day.. I know it doesn't seem like it, but trust me.
I know these probably all look the same to you...but I HAVE TO RECORD THIS. She surfed "Baby Queens" today. this is twice further out than she normally goes...and bigger waves. I got the famous pink hotel in the back round. It was a BIG STEP FOR HER!!!

My Hula Baby

I just love this picture!! I wish the guy in the backround wasn't in it. I don't have a photoshop.....she looks like she's been doing this forever.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Because it's Friday....

This is a sunset picture taken on the small Island of Molokai. On July 27th Alika will stand up paddle with his partner 32 MILES!!!! to our Island of Oahu!!!

Man, I want to go to Molokai to see THIS sunset!!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

In Action

Going to be guinea pigs for mom to learn to use the water cam.
Far away, but I always end up watching, and forget I'm supposed to take a picture at last second!!!
Cut them off!!! I was soo happy that they were closer, and nice size wave I didn't focus on the screen good enough!! ha
Canoe Ornament

Up , Up, and AWAAAAAY.....

Before I went out with my water camera, I had to test the delay. After Alika throwing her up 6 times....I finally GOT IT!! she didn't mind.....he was glad I finally got it :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

good ol days

Today feeling very nostalgic!!! I saw my Elementary School online today and just wanted to cry. Man , it seemed soo big, so intimidating. It was strange to see kids playing on the handball courts where me & my classmates once stood. Where are they all now? Do they ever feel this, and wonder about things like this too?
I can remember the photo my Mom had of me on my first day of Kindergarten, and the shadow behind me as the morning sun was rising. They showed that very same picture on their website...minus me in it. Just sitting in wonderment, as I am about to embark on taking my girl to Kindergarten, how much of an impact those memories are. And at the time to my Mom, it was just as simple as dropping me off for another day of school. More pictures showed the auditorium. It was a cute picture, but to ME , it was where I first learned to "square dance", dosey, doeying hoping to lock arms with the boy I thought for sure was to be my HUSBAND.
I love going down memory lane, although there is a lump in my throat, it feels good to be young again!!!