Hawaiian Girl

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Watching "my" pumpkin fish out all the seeds of her pumkin...while watching "Charlie Brown, Great Pumpkin"
Life is what you make of it!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Don't Blink :) ...........

This is quick, and shaky ( my fault, I got soo excited seeing her in the camera). One of thee biggest "kiddie" surf contest is in 2 weeks and she doesn't want Daddy on the board with her anymore... ( broke his heart) until he saw this.....

Sorry for not blogging ( as though I assume someone notices :)

Been sooo busy , working, being a mom, wife, and friend.

will write when I can!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


While all the kids are waiting for the awards to begin....Tiki begins massaging her friend Tenaya's back (elbows & all )

Tiki in green, Tenaya in pink bathing suit.

Tiki getting her lei, trophy, & prizes from surf CHAMPION Pancho Sullivan.
All the kids with the "goods". look how cuute and little they all are!!!!

Tiki 3rd from the right holding up trophy.

We call these guys " T n' T...the bomb ! " for Tiki & Tenaya.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


We were sent this picture from one of the photographers that catch all surfing events...Hawaiianswell.com

who IS having more fun here???!! Alika says HE WAS FOR SURE.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here so fast

Yes, here we are.....weeks away and my girl CANT WAIT!! She wants to put her costume on every morning! ( she doesn't understand concept of weeks away). so it's the same song & dance....

"Mommy?? today I can wear my costume?!!!!"

once this holiday comes up, before you know it, we're shopping for TREES!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

CONTEST DAY...........

The day has arrived...the contest was sat & sun. Her heat was not even on Sat (after we drove all the way to the North Shore) so we practiced instead.

Here she is in yellow. Her FIRST CONTEST!

She took a practice run with our friend Paka.
Here is thee one and only picture I got of her in the contest...and a bad one at that!! I think they were on there way in and I finally go "OMG, I'm not even taking any pictures!" I was soo cheering for her and busy watching, I forgot.

When we got home, unpacked, our neighbor said " You were just on the News!" Tiki ran upstairs to see it on another channel. pretty cool. She did awesome. She did a trick called "THE TIKI" and the judges looved it. someone will send me BETTER PICTURES AND CLOSE UP ONES. I'll blog those when I get them.

Waiting for our ride @ 5:45 am for the contest!! she was very excited as you can see
Tiki has a "thing" for Rainbows. She loves them! has to point out everyone, even if it's a little or alot. As we waited for her heat...she was blessed with this for her!
Her & Daddy playing "rough play" and her surf buddy Tenaya jumps in on the fun.

This is a shirt I made for her. It says "....Just add water". Because my girl is at her best when shes IN THE WATER!! She can be cranky, moody, sassy... but when she gets in the Ocean she's ONE ...HAPPY GIRL!! So I felt it was appropriate.
Friends of ours came down to watch her, and she had this hat from a new shop in Waikiki...I have to get one of my own! it says "Freaky Tiki"

Here she is with our friend Dino Miranda...he is on the cover of the current issue of LongBoard Magazine. He is one of Hawaii's best!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


This is our "backyard" portion of the school. We hold Assemblies, games, etc....the ocean is RIGHT beyond the trees...beautiful colors. I almost wish the trees were cut lower cuz the water is AQUA, in every shade possible. And marine base landing strip is right there too.

So they were practicing today....this is thee best shot I could get...they are SOOO FAST. It looks far away, but with the roar of there engines....it's scary.From this shot you cant see the pilot, but I COULD!!! All the girls go NUTS!! they wish there men at home were these pilots..
Then we were told they're TWO girls!! THEN IT WAS THE MEN'S TURN TO GET EXCITED!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Man, these things will give you "chicken skin" AND knock your socks off at the same time! Yesterday, got to work, checked my email and the school had sent everyone a note to say that all week the Blue Angels will be practicing RIGHT above our school and it gets extremely loud! I was THRILLED. My sister ( who works @ the same school ) said "It's sooo close and scary, it's sooo LOUD" I'm like "Naahhh , I can't WAIT!"
2 hours later, and my memory faded of past conversations...I had NO WARNING!!! 6 Blue Angles just appeared over my classroom. I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE!!! I felt as though I just got in the middle of a war zone. They didn't make a sound as though I heard them coming from afar. I WISH , I had a hidden camera on me...I was on the phone and within seconds, I was crouching down by my desk ha ha ha ha. Scared the ba-jesus outta me!! So today thru Friday I will be watching these guys ( I'll take pictures) from my room. If they are EVER performing in your town, go see them...it's very cool....WHEN YOUR READY FOR IT!!! :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I know, he can be a bit harsh, but I loove this show. Sometimes I'm not in the mood for his "mean" demeanor, and I'll give it a minute and he's soooo damn sarcastic ...He's got me LAUGHING.

Happy "HUMP" day !!!!

Monday, October 08, 2007


Trying her board all weekend. She was "fond" of surfing when the time was right, but since she got her new board, she wants to do it all the time! This is her cousin Sione and her surf partners on the end.

She has a contest, and this will be her FIRST SOLO....weather permitting, but will keep informed.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


My friend and I had a conversation yesterday about an "old friend" of hers. As we continued to talk she described him as "A MONDAY". I looked at her like what tha, what tha?????
She went on to say, his personality is a Monday...a little slower to get going, a bit drabby at times....
So my question came out as "if someone were to ask you, what day of the week are YOU, she said," I USED to be a Friday! ( we laughed ) now I'm probably a Thurs!"

Then she asked me....." I DEFINITELY was a FRIDAY for way too long, then Tiki was born and I'm probably a Sun, but with thoughts of Friday on my mind!". we laughed . I enjoyed the thought of what people think they are....what day of the week are YOU???!!!!